dinsdag 11 december 2012

new beginnings

As you have all noticed my website got a whole new look. I am quite happy and satisfied with this new look. it feels more fresh and clean ^^ Things have been a little slower than previous months but that's okay. it's wintertime and i tent to be a bit more lazy around that period...i really hate these long dark days and nights but I do like the christmas atmosphere. the christmas periods also give me a lot of inspiration wich is good i guess ^^ I am currently working on a lot of new colouring pages to be released later next year on Ausmahlbilder.com and doing some smaller commission work. of course I also keep myself busy with personal projects. I have started to paint more again because next year I will be attending two local expositions so I need some new material to show off haha. I also am still working on my comic...I have gotten delayed at it again ( i'm too lazy I know T_T ) but here's an image I created of the main character named "Sophia" she will also be the ONLY human character in this comic...a huge challnge for me haha but I have started to get more comfortable at creating comic pages again and it feels more like fun to me now :D I will write more about it next time ^^
I am also working on a new personal illustration. I am working on this one for a week now already but I will take more time on this one since I want to become way better than I am now of course so I wanted to try out a piece on wich I will be working far more precise.
That's it for now :) see you all soon again ^^

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