donderdag 25 oktober 2012

Yougian and Demonblood

This year in September and Oktober, two books have been published for whom I have created the book covers :) The books are: Yougian en het nest van de harpij ( Yougian and the nest of the harpy) wich was published by fantasy publisher Zilverspoor.
The second book is called Demonenblood de woudzee kronieken (demonblood: The woodsea chronicles) This one was published by fantasy publisher Macc
Both books are now available for purchase in Dutch bookstores, and the webshops of the publishers themselves. The books are now only available in Dutch but They will be translated and available in English next year :) ( not 100% sure about the demonblood book) Both books are also first in a trilogy so more books of them will come. I am currently even working at the second cover of the Second book of Yougian as we speak :) It will be released by the end of this year ^^ Below you can see two rough sketches I did for the first book cover. Funny how the end result can end up so different from the beginning XD

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