dinsdag 25 september 2012

my first mangaworkshop

a while ago I was asked to do a mangaworkshop at an event in the japanese garden of the city of Hasselt in Belgium. It was kind of short notice so I did not have much of a chance to prepare well but thankfully I managed to find a few other artist friends who wanted to help me out :) Since it was outdoors in the garden itself, we were very lucky to have good weather and we were also allowed to sell our own mershandise ( the pocket mirrors did pretty well! :D ) sadly the mangaworkshop was kinda hard for me to do since I was so shy and the subject I was talking about ( drawing the difference between manga boys and girls) might have been a bit too high level for some people....and most visitors did not wanted to attend the workshops but just sit there and draw forthemselves..^^;; Aside from that it was a very nice day :) Not too sure if I would do workshops again since I now know for sure that selling my stuff behind a stand is what I am much better at ^^;
yes....this is me...^^;

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