zaterdag 15 september 2012

Lot's of newness!

Hello everybody! It has been nearly 2 months (!) Since I last wrote on this blog. My apologies >_<; but in those two months, I didn't sit still of course so I have a few announcements. First off, I have been licensed at several new companies wich are: This is one of the biggest greetingcard companies in the Netherlands. The site if of course in Dutch but for all you Dutchies out there, you can now get some of my artworks also as cards :) More artwork will be added there later. Sweetpeastamps: My artwork is now also available again as rubber stamps here at sweetpea :) the quality is good ^^ ( I also got a few stamps from this company to see for myself so I am not just saying something here) Jannz craft store: Here you can buy Cross stitch charts for those who are interested and like embroidery :) a few artworks are now available but mroe will follow. Aside from this, I have updated my own etsy shop with a lot of new stuff as well :) I now also have pocket mirrors available
And acrylic charms ^^ I will also be attending FACTS next month ( big convention in belgium) So if you happen to visit that con as well, feel free to come and say hi ^^

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