zaterdag 18 februari 2012

Interview and game :)

The artist corner blog has published an interview about me and my art in the PSP tube community on their blog :) you can read it here:

Also, last week I received the latest board/card game from X610Z(existenz)wich also includes game cards for wich I have created the artwork for. I made 5 artworks in total and 3 of them are used in the main game. I think the other two can be found in expansion decks. the game looks awesome and I can't wait to take my time to figure out how it works :) too bad I have no one to play it with T_T

for those interested: you can also buy the game here:

You can view all the artwork I have done for this game in the "Gameart" section of my gallery on my homepage.

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Telthona zei

nice :) I would like to see yours cards in bigger version :) this game looks great :)