maandag 30 januari 2012

what's with the silence?

for the few people who follow this blog: sorry for not having it updated in so long but do not worry, things are fine with me on the art side :) it is because i am busy lately that I have not been able to update this place very much.

Things that I am doing now:
1: I applied for a few art related jobs and am busy with two testassignments for a company and a publisher who were interested in my work. I have one finished and received quite a positive reaction to it so that's good :)

2: Am working with a new client on making colouring pages. it is a lot of work but when they are available on the client's website I will write more about it here.

3: Tsunacon is coming up so I am also preparing for that of course.

And a few other small things I am keeping myself busy with but stay tuned and I will try to update this blog soon with new artworks :)