woensdag 14 september 2011

Stripbeurs Breda (comiccon Breda)

Last weekend I went to the comiccon in Breda in the netherlands :) The location was nice and met some nice people again, both old and new.

Sadly the visitors were a bit tough however...DREAMTIME GOT SOLD OUT!! hurray!! \^_^/

At the con during some quiet moments I started drawing a sketch wich you can see below, and also started to work on the comic for the magazine P@per. The (very) rough version of the layout placement is now kinda done so now I can start sketching the actual drawings. I kept the images quite big and about 2-5 images per page because it will be printed on A5 format wich is not really big, so the drawings should still be clear on that size. It will also be 7 pages long :) You can see one of the pages below ( yes that is how I start all of my comics ^^;)

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