woensdag 7 september 2011


Well it is time to write into my blog again...

Not much has happened lately although I do find myself quite busy with designing stuff for companies I am licensed with. I just got licensed with a bowling ball company but I still need to make design for them. I will be able to start on that after this weekend because first there is the comicfair in Breda (Netherlands) I am quite stressed out about it...I hope everything will go well! 0_0;

Aside from that...I really do need to start looking for another extra job, preferably in the art industry. Eventhough I am still quite modest and insecure about my art sometimes..I do feel like I have build more confidence and experience as well to be able to apply for jobs in that field. Who knows..but in the meantime I continue with my freelance work as well of course :)

Alas I will leave you people with an extra sketch of an drawing I am working on for forever interactive :) Have a nice day!

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