donderdag 1 september 2011


Several months ago i was asked to do a comic for a comicmagazine called "P@per" after several months I received the script from a writer called Patty Scholten. Because I was so busy with my artbook and all, I finally managed to get the rough designs of the characters done wich you can see below. The colours and parts of the design may change in the comic but at least this is a start. Next step is to create the rough sketch pages of the comic. The comic will be about 6 pages long and is called " Een drakerige jonkvrouw" in Dutch, wich can be roughly translated as: "A dragonish noble woman" <---although I am aware that this direct translation may sound weird ^^;;

expect more updates on this comic from now on :)

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Whitevillage zei

I'm looking forward to reading the comic! I haven't heard of P@per before, so I'm very curious.