zaterdag 20 augustus 2011

Queenkat Stamps and co. review!

Hi everyone :D as some of you might know I got licensed at "Queenkat" this year :)

"Queenkat" is a company that produces fabric patches, stamps, iron transfers, several handmade products, and many more different things sor hobby purposes.

Last week I finally received several samples of their products that contain my artwork on them and I will review each of them in this post.


first off, I am going to start with the stamps. this is the product what made me interested to license with them the most because I always thought that it would be neat to see my artwork as stamps. I did not try the stamp out myself but I found another blog of someone who also purchased a stamp from "Queenkat" with my artwork on them and she made a card of it. I must say that the image from the stamp on her card looks exacly like the original drawing and from what I can tell from the stamp I received myself, the details are very good and it is all there. They did not simplify the stamp from my drawing so I am content with that. The only downside is that there is no small handle or so on top to hold your stamp when you use it so there is a chance your hands get dirty a bit.

Fabric patches!

This was the second product I was licensed for at "Queenkat". You can use fabric patches for quilts, sowing them on clothing or bags or anything else creative you may think of. The sample I received is a small size fabric patch but they also sell them in bigger sizes.
I have never seen any drawing of mine on fabric before so I was really wondering how it would look like. Just as the stamps, I am happy to say that the drawing came out well and the colours look vibrant and no detail got lost.

Iron on transfers!

This is a fairly new product my art got licensed for. Like the other products the picture looks just as it should. I cannot say too much about the result when you transfer it on a tshirt because I have not used it but it is nice to mention that these iron on transfers also come with an ( English) instruction manual.

So in general I can honestly say that their products are of good quality and the images look just as they are supposed to be.

In the future there will be new stamps, fabric patches and more, with new images of mine and most likely there will also be new poducts available on their website wich also contain artwork from me.

For those interested to have a look at the "Queenkat" site, feel free to follow this link:

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