donderdag 4 augustus 2011


This week I saw one of my drawings/characters turned into 3D for the first time in my life :D I thought that it looked so awesome!

I am helping out at forever interactive, creating conceptart and other artworks fro a game of theirs called: "Visions of Zosimos" One of the drawings I created was of a character called a "Thundra Warrior" When they told me that the character would be turned into 3D I was suprised but when I saw the result I am quite happy on what they made of it :D you can see it here below:

The 3D version was made by Mykela Harrell

Really makes me wish I could do 3D as well...sigh...

I also changed my gallery a bit. I removed the "Fanart" section and replaced it with "Conceptart" Here you can see the artworks that I made for games.

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Whitevillage zei

That's pretty awesome and I'm sure it will not be your last 3DCG adaption of your work.

marlon teunissen zei

actually there should be another one but i have not been able to find it yet :)i hope i will be able to see more in the future ^_^