woensdag 1 december 2010

The last month

Time flies by so fast...jeez...It is December already...

I have been looking into some info on events and cons for next year. I want to participate in more of those coming year so I made a list of events in wich i am interested to join. When I will definately attend one of these events I will announce it on the main page on my site.

One of these events is " made in asia" which is in march 2011. It is a big event about manga and anime in which my stuff would fit well, however it is being held in brussels wich is a bit far for me....not to mention the fact that it will be costly and most importand: I currently have no one to go with me ( this is especially bad for when i need to go to the bathroom >_<;;) I would love to join but at the moment I am not too sure...sigh.

Man I am tired so I am going to lay down for a bit and then continue working on my artbook. I nearly got half of my main drawings done! ( uncoloured though...;_;)

below is a sketch i created and gave to one of the organisators of FACTS as a way of saying thanks for the invitation :)

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