maandag 15 november 2010


I am currently working on my second artbook. Wich is one of the reasons I might not seem so productive with my art because I don't post much but believe me....I am VERY productive :P I try to finish at least 4 drawings for my artbook every week. up to now I have 12 drawings and I hope that by the end of this week it will be 16.

When I started I did have a rithym and managed to easily get a drawing out every day...well the linearts anyways ( colouring will happen after I got all drawings done) but now that I need to do more overtime work at my parttime job it is getting hard. I got inspiration enough but my body is getting tired.....I can't stand people who say that drawing is so simple and that I should not be asking so much money for it because I can get a sketch done in 10 minutes....damn you cause it may look fast and simple but it is very mentaly intensive...

I also try to get a christmas drawing done before December. I got the concept ready but I need to work the sketch out.

I also reacted to a message on a forum i am a member off were someone was looking for an artist who could draw marvel style for an assignment. Now marvel is not my speciality but I think I can pull this off.....I just need to create more marvel style drawings now to show them though...if they are interested in me that is...

Anyways my jaw hurts and I am very tired so I better lay down for a bit I guess. But here are a few rough teaser sketches from 2 drawings that are for my artbook that I will finish this week :).... I hope @_@;

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