zondag 7 november 2010

Dear Asato

Tomorrow I hope I can finally start doing a new Watch me draw video. it has been quite a while since i made one but I am pleased that nearly everyday, people keep subscribing to my youtube channel :)

I wanted to do a bishounen drawing but I had a hard time figuring out poses and stuff and ended up doing a fanart of " Asato" he is a character from a visual novel called " lamento: beyond the void" I really hope I can someday see the full visual novel somewere because it intrigues me and I like the artwork and characters alot ( better yet, I happen to even have mershandise of it witheout ever watching/playing the thing @_@ )

anyways, Asato is my favourite character from that VN and Lamento has a beautifull soundtrack so I am looking forward to put some music of it in my video as well :)

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