zaterdag 30 oktober 2010


Did a quick environment speedpainting today. I suppose it did not turn out all that bad....but I need to practise harder at backgrounds I guess >_<;

oh and my " Queen" drawing wil not get finished anymore I think... ;_; my external harddrive had a crash and the picture got lost during that T_T Damn you electronic devices!!!

2 opmerkingen:

Sjusjun zei

It looks really fresh and bright, like an early summer morning. Too bad about the crash of your hard drive. I've been so paranoid lately I've backed up my work on 2 drives.. then again if mu house burns down it still wouldn't matter ^^;

marlon zei

i need to buy another drive as well but i am out of money now >_<; so annoying...i bought that external drive so my drawings would not get lost when my computer crashes but god now that external drive can crash too???0_0;