maandag 21 juni 2010

background practice

Hi everyone!

Lately I decided to start practising more how to do environmental and conceptartwork. I am a decent character illustrator but if I want to be a full time concept artist I better start working hard on the environments, monsters and other things as well >_<

Still got a long way to go though...but at least here is my first practise of an environment XD

4 opmerkingen:

Sjusjun zei

It's a lovely start! The dandelions are very Ghibli :D I've also been practising my background work. Maybe I should just go outside and do itr the old fashioned way.

Now buildings.. aargh dear god XD

Anoniem zei

its really good. I love it!


Whitevillage zei

Very promising, I'm interested to see more environment studies by your hand! I have to do them as well.

Bluemonika zei

hey everyone! thanks for the comments :D I am still working on some background but with the hot weather it is going all in slowmotion @_@

glad you all like my first attempt though ^_^