maandag 24 mei 2010

hiep hiep hiep

Sorry for the lack of updates here. This month I had my birthday and I also received a grand prize hat I won wit a videogam photocontest wich is a PS3+ FF13+ FF13 mershandise figurine. It's awesome. However I have mainly been playing metal gear solid 4 becaue I wanted to play that game for SO long and I like MGS. FF13 is nice as well although very lineair...have not played much of i yet...

But enough talk...time to talk about some art ne? I have finally finished all my magnets! They will be available in my webshop later this week, and I just have 1 out of 4 images left for my bookmark set as well :D They will most likely be ready this week as well! yay!

Guess I should end this post with a drawing of some sort ne?

A teaser of my 3rd bookmark :)

An old watercolour painting that i found recently. I see too many mistakes in it so I decided to not put it on my homepage gallery but I like it enoughto share it here.

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