zondag 10 mei 2009

romancing saga minuet fan vocal

Finally it is done...it was so much hard work but...here it is!

basically it is just me singing another videogame song but this time from the sage romancing saga minstrel song. now i am not very good at singing but i LOVE this song and it is my favourite song to sing ever! so when i recorded it with my voice i was so content about it that i had to make a animation to go along with it

it started out simple... i just wanted to add the backgrounds were you would see the characters appear one by one at first but then i just kept adding more and more and more.....and it took sooooo much time! i have been working on it on and off for a few months! god why? there is not even much animation in it! i also used this to teach myself "toonboom"it is the first time i ever used an animation program. so 80% of it was editied in toon boom and the other 20 was done in windows movie maker.

the worst part was that my computer also had crashed .....i was almost finished with it...and then i had to start from 0 again.....and then i also got a fever...it was hard to finish but i had to continue no matter what!

you know...i never ever played romancing saga games...so i am sorry if i made some mistakes...damn the character designs were HARD!!! and i tought final fantasy had wacky designs....i had to improvise a lot as well.

the song is Minuet from Masayoshi Yamazaki and all the characters you see here are from the game : Romancing saga minstrel song.

the artwork and voice are all done by me.

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Karina zei

This is very nice. If you'd like to have your project featured on toonboom.com, please get back to me at karina@toonboom.com