donderdag 5 maart 2009


I decided to enter a drawing of mine in the Darkstalker's tribute contest that is being held by the succesfull art studio Udon. Darkstalkers was a 2d fighting game that was populair in the 90ties and it had a horror theme. The designs of the characters were pretty neat and eventough I had never played the game, I wanted to give it a try cause the characters are so neat to draw.

Since Udon is such a populair group, I already knew that the competition was going to be hard but....there were over 2700 entries!!!!! Omg... that just means "no chance in hell" >_<; Since they have so many entries, I guess that it will take them at least a whole month to announce the can only hope.

In the's another weird final fantasy 7 doodle for me too you guys :D

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