zaterdag 17 januari 2009

hello people!

i am being sick and stuff a lot everything in my life is moving very slow actually.

but i am still drawing...and that is what counts the most for me.

today i got cheered up by mail from a friend from japan. when i was in tokyo i liked to visit live shows from an amature band called american short hair....or..amesho for short :P i was sad that i was not able to see them anymore when i had to return back to my own country.

but today she sended me a letter and a photograph of all the band members including their latest cd. the best thing about it was, that the singer left a message for me on the inside of the cd box ^_^ i was so happy!! you can read more about them...well...if you can understand japanese... here:

here are some sketches i found when searching trough my harddrive the other day. the first one is just a practise sketch. the other two are sketches for the drawing " shanra" that can be seen in my "works" gallery

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