zaterdag 22 november 2008

making of jasmine

here is another "making off" from a comission drawing that i made for an up and coming english female singer called jasmine june :) she asked me to make a drawing of herself in manga form for her website.

of course we started of choosing a pose that would be most suitable to the character. i made some very rough sketches and the comissioner choose the poses.

once the pose had been decided on i made another sketch of the character with the pose she had chosen so that she could check were adjustments were needed.

next, i started of by making some sketches of the clothing. a lot of adjustments were made in this stage.

finally the pose and the clothing had been decided on and i started to make the final lineart and colour the drawing. at first we wanted to try something with green but....

since the comissioner wanted to go for something that was a bit more "spacey" white was the best choice.

then i added the background and the pictures was finished for use on her website. her site is not finished yet but i will mention it again on this blog once it is online :)

the final picture can also be seen in my gallery on my website.

2 opmerkingen:

OR zei

skillful hands! nice work of art! ;)

millia zei

thank you :) i am glad you like it