zaterdag 25 oktober 2008

the making of....

I found some step by step pictures of me of the making process of different drawings of mine. i tought that it would be nice to upload some of them here once in a while so here is the first one!:
this is of an comission i made a while ago. while not the best drawing that i ahve made, i did made pictures of it during my making process and i think it is interesting to see how it went. ( sorry the pictures are of bad quality >_<)

the first two pictures above were very rough sketches to show the comissioner what kind of ideas i had in my mind. after that i choose a pose and continued working on it.

this is the final sketch of the drawing. once the comissioner had approved of everything, i started to finish the drawing with inkt :)

and there it is :) i will upload another one next time i think :)

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