donderdag 9 oktober 2008


phew! it has been a while hasn't it? i was not able to update my website nor this blog because my laptop crashed and so i was left with nothing. but as you can see, my laptop is fixed again and today i ordered a brandnew computer at the computer shop. if everything goes well, i should have a new computer wich is fully suitable for graphical arts by the end fo next week! i can't wait!

having no computer meanth that i was forced to slow down my arftwork a little bit. i am very sorry for the people who comissioned me but everything will be fine in the end :)

down here you can see a small part of a drawing that i want to place in my artbook. the black and white inkt art chapter has been finished and now i am working bit on the pencil arts section. but i till have a long way to go. i might switch to aquarell works again anytime soon. i haven't one that for a long time.

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